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Video Social Media Marketing

Video Social Media Marketing

Social-Media-Marketing01Video Marketing is the Fastest way to Grow your Business Online 

As consumers shop online or look to educate themselves about a product or service, the amount of time it takes to digest the content you post becomes increasingly important. That’s why so many marketers have turned to video to get their message out there. Studies show approx. 100 million people a day are engaging with some form of digital video, across a variety of devices. 
For marketers, the quick consumption of video information has proven to be the most effective strategy in generating new customers and amplified engagement on social media which leads to many new business opportunities and new customers. Professional video content is key.

Here are 4 ways to make your content stand out. 
  • Script Your Message – The foundation for every good video is a great script. If you are a writer you know this. If not, it’s important to find a professional writer who clearly understands your goals and can craft a script that will quickly and effectively tell your story.
  • Lighting –  Work with someone who can not only operate a camera but understands lighting. The quality of the shots you use in your video is as important as the message.
  • Audio – All too often we see video testimonials that have bad audio. Considering sound is 50% of the experience, using proper  microphones if people appear on camera is paramount. So is the right soundtrack. Chose music and sound effects that match the tone of your video. 
  • Post Regularly – Video has the ability to reach many customers quickly. A 15-30 second clip can add power to your website and help build trust in your brand.
QUE Productions can help you build an effective, affordable video marketing strategy for your business. Give us a call at (844) 783-7763.

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Que Productions

QUE Productions is a full service TV/Video and digital media production company specializing in Branded content, Commercials and Corporate Video production.

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