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Top 5 Video Marketing Trends For 2016 [Info-Graphic]

Top 5 Video Marketing Trends For 2016 [Info-Graphic]

Top 5 Video Marketing Trends For 2016 [Info-Graphic]

2015 has been an extremely exciting year for online video. Witness the rapid rise of Facebook as a serious player in online video. Just this month the social media site announced that more than 8 billion videos are displayed on the site each day.

It’s not just the volume of video that is astounding. 2015 has seen the emergence of exciting new ways of creating and consuming video, whether that is YouTube’s 360 player or the soon to arrive virtual reality Oculus Rift.

These technologies promise a world of video which is more immersive and more engaging. For video creators this will open up new possibilities to deliver unique experiences for their viewers. With 2016 almost upon us it is worthwhile reflecting on the current state of online video. Below are five key statistics which show how video will continue to transform the internet in 2016 and beyond.

– Social Media Today


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