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Corporate Video Production

QUE Productions’ mission is to elevate our clients by consistently producing high-quality video content no matter what the budget. We produce marketing videos, training programs, product demos, orientation videos and events for our corporate clients. No matter the objective, we’ve got you covered.

Our team works collaboratively to uncover the ideal approach for your audience and objectives, providing exceptional creative services and solid production value from start to finish. An experienced producer will work side by side with you throughout all phases of production, so you’ll get the quality you deserve and the results you need on time and on budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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Marketing Videos

Sales and marketing videos are an excellent way to inform, educate, and motivate your customers about your company and its mission. Videos can easily be embedded onto your homepage or a unique landing page. Animated graphics can hold viewers’ attention while testimonials offer credibility. Over the years, QUE Productions has produced successful sales and marketing videos for all types of companies. Let our experience in this important genre work for you.

Digital Video Ads

Digital Video Advertising is a powerful addition to most marketing plans because it is highly targeted across multiple channels, devices, and search results to move customers through your marketing funnel and keep them engaged with your brand. A digital ad campaign creates an ongoing experience that builds engagement and influences your customers toward conversion objectives. Digital ads can target customers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, OTT and more plus you can monitor the results with ad space that is relevant to your ideal customer. Your ad can show up at the top of search results in a targeted area or nationwide, and best of all you are not paying unless they view it.

Staff Education & Training

According to the Harvard Business School, video is the most frequently used medium for training and orientation in organizations with 100 or more people. Familiarizing new employees with policies, products, and processes, especially in a company with high turnover, can be expensive and time consuming.

By incorporating video into the training and orientation process, you implement a highly effective strategy to provide clear, concise information in an interesting and highly retentive way. Information that can be reviewed as needed so it’s more cost effective and far more efficient for everyone involved.

QUE Productions goes the extra mile to produce quality, affordable video & multimedia programs for training and orientation.

Did you know that a well-produced video will help employees retain up to 90% more information as compared to the printed word? Think about it…If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much more is video? That’s why it is far more cost effective for training staff and orienting new hires. Imagine how much more streamlined the process could be just to educate new hires on company policies, products, and procedures.

Here is an example: Let’s say you run the sales department in a company that rolls out lots of new products each year. Your job depends on your team’s performance, so you constantly need to educate them on the features, functions and benefits each time a product is introduced to the market. This requires time you don’t have and consistently for staff to retain information. Sales meetings and product sheets can only go so far, so you find yourself repeating the same things over and over. You need a permanent solution.

So, you contact us and together we create a dynamic multimedia solution. Imagine a branded landing page or microsite, with a series of product videos, sell sheets and links that have clear, concise and information on every product you launch. Now your entire sales team has 24/7 access to an entire library, with all they need to know at their fingertips. Video can easily be used in the field to sell more prospects because they carry it with them on mobile devices. We can add printable documents, interactive quizzes, and whatever else you need to empower your team. The costs are minimal compared to the sales potential you just created.

Many successful companies have chosen to work with Que Productions because of our unique approach and experience in this important genre. We consistently deliver high- quality, results-driven content and our clients are truly delighted with the experience.

For more information on how Que Productions can help improve your training and orientation process, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Contact us today and let’s get started

Corporate Sales Meetings

Here is the scenario: Your company is bringing in an expert to brief the staff on a more efficient manufacturing technique, fresh marketing strategy, or just to give a technical demonstration. Not everybody in your organization can get to the meeting. So, the boss says, “Let’s have it videotaped so those that can’t make it won’t miss out!” You think, “Great idea! How do we do that?”

You’ve come to the right place. At QUE Productions, we amass the necessary information about the event to help you create an extraordinary and memorable experience for your audience. We can provide audio/video support for keynote speakers and panelists, PowerPoint presentations, video intros & outros for corporate sales meetings and so much more.

QUE provides video coverage for conventions, meetings, seminars, and company activities such as parties, dinners, golf tournaments and team-building games. When your event is over, we can produce a highlight video for all participants to enjoy. Commonly referred to as “Happy Face” videos (because they show so many smiling faces having a wonderful time.) They are a great morale booster and make wonderful mementos of the convention or conference. In the case of incentive trips, many companies use this type of video as motivation for those who did not qualify to attend this year but with increased performance, they may qualify for next year’s event.

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Sales & Marketing Presentations

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