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5 Ways Video Helps Your Business

5 Ways Video Helps Your Business

Action Plan

Why Video?
Statistics state that video will be over 90% of all web traffic by 2017 and there’s no disputing that video greatly enhances your marketing because it is easily sharable on social media and helps to improve your SEO. So the question is how should video be used in your business?

Important things to keep in mind:
Google loves video – Correctly optimized video increases the chance of a front page Google result by 53x (Forrester).

E-commerce site visitors are 85% more likely to purchase if they’ve seen a video (Internet Retailer).

5 Ways Video Helps Your Business:

1. Feature your product.
If you sell a product or line of products, show it off with video. Of course enhancing it with photos and text are great, but remember actually seeing a product in action helps your customers make a strong connection to the product. The more information they have, the more likely they are to purchase.

2. Show your workplace, your environment.
Taking your customers to look inside your operations gives them a more personal and stronger sense of what your company does and Provides greater transparency. It’s definitely a trust building avenue as well.

3. Show them who’s boss … literally.
Put your face, perhaps all your faces, out there for your customers to connect and “see” who they’ve spoken to and who the key people in the company are. Again, a huge trust and connection can be built here, use it well.

4. Education and Training purposes.
Answer frequently asked questions, show in depth how the product or service is used. Let them see things in action and be able to follow along if necessary. This is a customer service plus and can help bypasses a lot of additional calls or emails if you address concerns or questions in this manner.

5. Sales information
Video is a great way to make big announcements, tell about changes, begin or promote an event and most important, to tell your company story! Make it personalized and bring them into your world; making them part of it. After all you have a great story to tell.

When You Begin.
Be creative and most definitely be both personable and professional. You are face-to-face with your customers in video, so be as natural as you would if they were physically standing in front of you and allow them to feel your sincerity and personality.

Share Your Thoughts.
If you need assistance with video production, scripting, filming, editing or marketing, give QUE Productions a call today. We’ll help you create an effective video marketing campaign you will be proud of.

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