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? How To Optimize Video

? How to Optimize Video

          How to Optimize Video

If you are interested in getting better results with video content,
you should most certainly learn how to optimize video.

The 5 tips below are a good place to get started.

#1: Choosing a Hosting Platform.

Selecting “the right” video hosting platform comes down to understanding the differences and knowing your priorities and video marketing goals. There are plenty of video hosting platforms to choose from: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Vidyard just to mention a few. Each has strengths and weaknesses. The right platform for you comes down to what you want, need, and can afford. While the cost may be minimal to host a video, it does not insure 100’s or 1000’s of people will find it unless you have a solid marketing plan in place to bring attention to that piece of content and/or channel.

When considering your video hosting platform, you’ll need to examine the reason you want your videos to rank. Are you optimizing your video to increase site traffic, promote a new product, or is your intention to raise brand awareness?

If you want people to find your video in a search, YouTube is usually the platform of choice. It is Google owned and therefore ranks higher than any other platform. Another great thing about YouTube is you can add cards and end screens to increase your channel’s viewership.

#2: Present an Engaging Thumbnail. 
The video thumbnail is key because this is what the viewer will see when your video is indexed; therefore, it plays an integral part in whether somebody clicks on it or not. You want to imagine your thumbnail image similar to how you examine the cover of a book. It should be intriguing, relevant, and eye-catching. Your marketing goals should be tied to your approach here, so consider carefully what thumbnail best represents your video.

#3: Video Transcript. 
The text that partners with your video is called a video transcript. Video transcripts help make your videos available to a more significant following by helping search engines understand is being said in your video. It helps the search engine understand what your video is about so it can index your video properly. Transcripts (SRT Files) are also helpful for people who want to watch a video without sound or for the hearing impaired.

#4: Title and Description (Keywords). 
Just like a blog post, the title and description factor into ranking videos. Spend some time crafting an appealing video title and description. Include keywords and targeting terms that apply to your video. With keywords identified and applied, the first thing you should do is title your video file, before you upload it. If already uploaded the next best thing is to use your keywords in the title of the viewing page. Use keywords that are relevant to your target audience; you can also insert keywords in your video description once it’s published. Also when categorizing your video. Use a Category that fits the content. Do not use a default category unless it applies.

#5: Drive Viewer Focus. 
Your video should not be difficult to locate on your website; this leads to low play rates. Optimizing video correctly varies, the best way to increase your video’s success rate is to make it the main focus of the page. A landing or homepage are usually the destination of choice.  Have the video show up at the top and make sure it is compressed properly, fast load-time. It’s important to understand what your audience wants and create content aprons that. A professional video production company should be able to walk you through this entire process, make recommendations to target your audience, create relevant content and show you how to optimize video for search. For more information on video production services please visit


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