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QUE Productions is a full service media and video production company based in Babylon, Long Island. We specialize in corporate communications and television programming. Our expert production team offers services in all phases of program development – from concept to completion.

Script Writing
The script is the blueprint for creating a successful program. QUE’s award winning writers offer a solid foundation for sales, marketing, training, and motivational scripts.

Story Boarding
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Storyboards bring the concept, script, and overall direction of a project to life with illustrations and text to assure clear communication on proposed ideas.

Sales & Marketing Presentations
QUE Productions knows that a well produced audio/visual presentation is one of the most powerful tools to inform, educate, and motivate an audience. We produce clear, concise messages in a variety of digital formats. Video can be especially advantageous where it’s impossible to demonstrate a product or service. Animated graphics can hold viewers’ attention while testimonials offer credibility. Over the years, QUE Productions has produced successful sales and marketing presentations for all types of companies and services. Let our experience in this important genre work for you.

Staff Education & Training
According to the Harvard Business School, videos are the most frequently used medium for training in organizations of 100 or more people. Training and orientation of new employees, especially in a company with high turnover, can be expensive and time consuming. Incorporating video into an orientation or training program can make it more effective and efficient for everyone involved in the training process. As many successful businesses owners and corporations have found, QUE creates effective training and orientation programs. Our staff will work closely with you to develop an effective program that meets your organization’s needs.


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