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QUE Productions is a dedicated media partner that listens closely, develops creatively and has the experience to produce an exceptional  product on time and budget.   We encourage you to review our process below, then give us a call to discuss your project. 


The first step in producing video of any kind is to analyze and discover.   For example: what are your goals and objectives for this project and WHY do you need video? Who is your target audience and what do we know about their behavior or buying habits? Who are your main competitors? Do  you need a marketing plan in place to get the results you need? and much more. Once we gather this essential information, we work with you every step of the way to produce an action plan to deliver the digital assets needed to achieve those results! We produce videos that are compelling, story-driven and affordable.  Whether you need a 360 approach to help build your Brand or an video to help market your company, we have the creative talent and technical resources in-house and are happy to offer you an initial consultation at no cost to determine if we can assist you.


Once we agree on a solid plan of action, we begin the creative development process.  Our team of artists, copywriters and designers work diligently to present unique concepts that evolve into finely tuned scripts, storyboards and ads.  We refine those by collaborating with your team so once approved, we move on to talent casting (if needed) then scout the locations to determine the best way to light, set and shoot your footage. At QUE, a dedicated producer is assigned your project in order to provide you with detailed project timelines, shoot schedules and 24/7 support so any questions or concerns are resolved in advance.  We are  always willing to go the extra mile, making it easier for you or your project manager to manage details, schedule staff for interviews, reserve which in-house locations and so much more. We provide expert  assistance  with things like art direction, set-design, wardrobe considerations and many, many other things that others may not even think of. We know the formula! We are an experienced production team with the know-how to produce excellence and exceed our clients expectations. Best if all, we  follow a proven process to make production fun, easy and affordable for everyone from start to finish. 


Whether we’re filming on location or in-studio, our crew works with focus and precision to gather premium footage for your project. We move seamlessly through our production schedule, adhering to timelines as agreed so things run smoothly and effortlessly.  

Open space loft in NYC offers a fabulous, inexpensive option for shooting interviews, small sets and green-screen projects. The venue houses a crew of up to 35 people comfortably and includes turn-key options for additional lighting, grip and sound packages, camera/crew packages (RED Dragon, SONY FS7, F5, Canon C300, 4K drone), teleprompter and an additional crew of industry professionals in-house including masterful art direction, cinematography, post production and finishing  


Editing is perhaps the most tedious part of the production process but it’s where the story comes together and starts to breath. It may be a lot less glamorous than the rest, but the editorial phase is the last critical step in what determines the success of any production.The difference between poorly constructed editorial and professional storytelling means a world of difference to your finished product.  Our full service post-production suite includes several edit bays equipped with after effects graphics, full adobe creative cloud as well as a 4K DaVinci color suite. This means we’ll never be without the power to design, enhance, colorize or imagine. 

Our team has the experience, creativity, software and technology to transform even basic interviews into compelling stories, weaving together cinematic footage, mood setting music and sound design with motion graphics to produce a truly exceptional program. We’ve mastered the art of storytelling, and through years of experience, practice and patience we have carefully developed ours beyond average.  

When it comes to producing premium video content, we pride ourselves on our ability to maximize every dollar your spending to the value you receive on-screen and to deliver those results each and every time  

Get started today! Call us at 844-763-7763 or contact us here.

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