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Video Training Production 

The award-winning team at QUE Productions, located in Babylon, Long Island, specializes in creating high-impact video training productions for organizations interested in training employees in a more effective, cost-efficient manner.

High-Quality Digital Video Training Productions

Over the past 20 years, QUE Productions has earned a reputation for producing high-impact employee training videos for a broad spectrum of businesses. Our clients often praise us for our creativity, hard work, and dedication to producing videos that look like they cost a lot more compared to similar competition. QUE is surprisingly affordable and can work magic with any reasonable budget.

Full Video Production Services Under One Roof

There’s no need to work with multiple vendors to produce employee training videos. Long Island based QUE Productions does it all with our complete “script to screen” services including:

    • Free Consultation and Analysis – We’ll meet for a free consultation to discuss your objectives, budget and target audience.
    •  Concept Development and Information Gathering – We present our creative concept for your approval.
    • Pre-production Stages –Our producers, directors, script writers and graphic designers collaborate on the best approach. We provide location scouting, casting (if necessary), storyboards and production coordination.
    • On-Air Talent – We recommend voice-over talent and/or on-camera actors to add the perfect face and voice to your training video program.
    • Production – Our experienced crew uses the finest quality HD digital cameras, effective lighting and sound effects. Our illustrators, graphics designers and animators produce entertaining elements that enhance the overall presentation.
  • Post-Production House – Our post-production team will edit, composite, add special FX or animation as needed to create a compelling presentation on time and budget. Sound design completes the final editing and then we’ll transfer the finished video training program to your preferred digital formats—web platforms, DVDs, or CD-ROMs.


Top 7 Benefits of Employee Video Training Programs

  • Ideal for diverse training needs – For everything from new employee orientations to product demonstrations—professionally produced training videos are a smart investment with a long-lasting impact and a huge R.O.I.
  • Cost effective and convenient – Saves the expense of employees traveling to one central location for training.
  • Makes learning easier – Employees retain new information more easily with the visual support of an attractive video presentation designed specifically to engage, teach and train. We can “chapter” the DVD so it’s easier to review and learn more quickly.
  • Animation and motion graphics – We can be integrate them to emphasize important points and visually explain more complex ideas and processes in an entertaining, memorable way.
  • Digestible training segments – Smaller modules make it easier for employees to learn a large amount of information.
  • Training is consistent and effective – Employees are exposed to the same messaging and return to their jobs more motivated and productive as a team with clear and common goals and objectives.
  • Self-paced training – Employees can access their company’s training video library online whenever they are ready for the next module or if they need a refresher course on material they’ve seen.


Call (844) 783-7763 today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our Long Island video training production agency. Our producer will meet with you personally to discuss your upcoming project and explain QUE Productions’ process for creating compelling training videos that fit your budget and schedule.

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