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QUE Productions provides full video editing services from rough cuts to finished broadcast masters and post production. Our editors have access to all the latest cutting edge tools to give you and your company the image you want. Compositing and special effects are at your fingertips in our state of the art editing suites. Completely integrated motion graphics, compositing, and color correction give you the flexibility to add, fix, or dazzle anytime and anywhere you need to. Our editors have decades of experience under their belts and can provide you with expert consulting before and during the editing process. In addition, with full access to our huge stock footage. Image and audio libraries, you’ll never be without the proper media or effect.

QUE is fully integrated. The sky’s the limit for customized CD-ROM’s, DVD’s and interactive multimedia. A final program can be sent directly to a web server or emailed to a client. All we do is digital, so all forms of electronic media are available right when you need it.

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