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Television Commercials
QUE Productions has produced and directed hundreds of television commercials/infomercials for local, regional & national clients. Our creative services team can work with your existing campaign, or assist in creating the next “big idea” in advertising your company and marketing your product or service.

Armed with the right script and a professional camera crew, we can breathe life into your ideas. We then edit, composite, animate & transform your project into a finished master that will catch the eye and deliver the message to your target audience.

With its ability to reach huge audiences, television is one of the most powerful advertising medium in the world. With ever increasing clutter on the airwaves, it has become more and more difficult to stand out in the crowd. QUE Productions understands this medium better than most; after all, we were raised in it. With over 20 years of experience, QUE has produced hundreds of commercials both locally, regionally and nationally.

Before you run off to have a commercial produced, consider QUE Productions. We always ask the right questions before designing/developing your commercial. Does it appeal to a broad cross-section of society? Is it something that most households will need at some point? Will the TV spot promote an event/special sale, or should it drive brand? We will help you decide if a spokesperson or a celebrity should make the pitch, if the spots should feature testimonials from clients. Should the pace of the spot be slow and emotional or fast and furious with lots of graphics & animations.

The success of television advertising is closely related to the effectiveness of the message. Equally as important is where and when it is aired. We’ll make sure that your message gets through to its intended audience. We can work directly with your marketing department or through your ad agency. Either way, you can rely on QUE’s award winning team to carefully craft a message that will speak directly to your target audience and mesh seamlessly with your existing marketing efforts. We can arrange to air your commercial in prime time slots, offering you the absolute best Rates possible. Our media buyers are amongst the most powerful in the industry.

QUE Productions – The right partner.

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