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Here’s the scenario: Your company is bringing in an expert to brief the staff on a more efficient manufacturing technique, new marketing strategy, or perhaps just to give a technical demonstration. Not everybody in your organization can get to the meeting. So the boss says “Let’s have it videotaped so those that can’t make it [and even new employees] won’t miss out!” You think, “Great idea! How do we do that?”

You’ve come to the right place. At QUE Productions, meetings and seminars are a breeze! We’ll meet all your needs by amassing the necessary information about the event and your expectations for the video.

QUE will also provide similar video coverage for entire conventions. Not just the meetings and seminars, but all the fun company activities as well, including parties, dinners, golf tournaments, team-building games, visits to local attractions, etc. Then, at the end of the event, QUE can present a music video collage showing the highlights of the whole convention on a big screen for all participants to enjoy.
Commonly referred to as “Happy Face” videos (because they show so many smiling faces having a great time at all the events and attractions), they’re a great morale booster and make wonderful mementos of the convention or conference. In the case of incentive trips, many companies use the “Happy Face” videos as motivational tools for those who did not qualify to attend this year but, with increased performance, they may qualify for next years event.


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