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Our staff at QUE Productions has some of the best multimedia design experts in the field. They have years of experience developing effective new media solutions. We pride ourselves on the creation of state of the art graphics and 2D/3D animations that educate, inspire, and persuade.

Our services include:

Flash Animation
QUE delivers visually compelling interactive experiences across desktops through CD-ROM, DVD and the internet with Adobe Flash Player. Flash animations are compatible on more than 97% of the Internet enabled desktops and can be utilized in nearly any presentation format.

Website Design
QUE designs sites and applications that can enhance your business on many levels. A well designed, fully functional website is one of the best ways to represent your company. Expand your clientele by reaching a broader audience and make it easier than ever to do business with clients abroad.

Streaming Media
QUE can place your video at the fingertips of the world. Let us encode and upload your marketing presentation, training video, commercial, etc. so it can be viewed directly from your website, eMailed or viewed on a mobile device.

Interactive CD-ROM/Flash Drive Authoring
QUE can create a dynamic presentation above and beyond websites. Utilize any aspects of multimedia, from custom authored HD media disc’s to interactive CD-ROMs, and we can bring your message to life in a way no printed brochure ever could. We provide your audience with a true interactive experience, allowing them to experience first-hand the features and benefits of your products or services.

QUE Productions can also tie your CD-ROM or Flash Drive to the Internet, allowing customers to access your website or email you directly.

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring
QUE Productions’ custom video staff provides the design and authoring abilities to create unique, interactive DVD’s that remain true to your corporate identity. We can shoot and edit video and customize any and all aspects of a DVD so it fits your needs exactly!

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