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Ever wonder how the pros make short videos irresistible? Some videos hold your attention long enough for you to gain insight about a topic relevant to you. You might even watch till the end, become inspired to take action, or simply like the content. That’s called building an audience, and there are many ways to target specific types.

In this two-part series, we take an inside look at how QUE Productions crafts engaging videos for TV, social media and the web. Let’s look at some of the ways we make the most out of every second of the viewer’s time, while maximizing every dollar of the client’s budget.

Get Noticed With Multiple Short Videos

Many of our videos are thirty seconds or less, so we shoot multiple videos in one session. We craft attention-grabbing, shareable video spots with catchy, memorable hooks, slogans, and stories. It’s not about length; it’s about confidence. 52% of customers say that product videos increase their confidence in their purchasing decisions, according to Invodo.

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“QUE Productions shot for 1 day on location at Antun’s Caterers in Queens Village and was able to provide Antun’s with a solution to make enough video content for 3-6 months,” said Mickey King, General Manager at Antun’s of Queens Village. With the video in place, his viewers explored his website further. The data showed lower bounce rates, and as he posted the video on social media, he gained better placement in search results.

Antun’s of Queens Village Social Media Videos

AntunsWeddings AntunsSocial AntunsFood

How Do We Know What Will Interest Viewers?

Simply put, we target your audience and help people remember your message. Video content creation is all about a careful study of a client’s target audience and how those people typically behave. It’s about what they watch, read, listen to, and worry about. The more we can relate to their particular concerns, the better we can find a solution and inspire them to act.

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